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Thu, 29th March 2012, 9:34pm (Thu, 29th March 2012, 9:34pm UTC+1)

What a fantastic lodge meeting I attended at Vernon on March 20th. If anyone wants to know what friendship and brotherhood is, they should have been with us that evening. Great to see all my Masonic friends again after almost seven years ! Hope to see you all again. If anyone visits Cumbria, give me a call.

Yours s.and f.,

W.Bro. Peter Argyle P.Pr.G.Swd.B.

Tue, 6th March 2012, 12:58pm

Very good to see Vernon Lodge's new website. I'm sure I will be a regular future visitor. I am planning a visit in the near future. Best wishes to everyone.
Yours s and f,

Peter Argyle

Mon, 9th January 2012, 2:25pm

Re the website - its a good start but needs pics, photos stories and masonic information that would help brethren - hopefully all will forward items, ideas etc. Will arrange for more details on Vernon Royal Arch for you and some ritual stuff to add to a 'library'. In the meantime well done for getting it up and running.

Yours S & F

George Munro